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V3.0 13th May 2020
v3.0.1 13th May 2020
- comments on Overleaf compatibility issues
v3.0 13th May 2020
- template was made compatible with acro package v3.0
V2.3.4 24th April 2020
v2.3.4 24th April 2020
- figure template for Matlab added; this Matlab code allows you to create class objects to generate all your figures the same way
- TeXLive 2020 suppprt
- description of overpic environment in section on figure template
- small additions in appendices
V2.3.3 31st March 2020
v2.3.3 31st March 2020
- updates for cover
- Overleaf explanations clarified
- introduction and conclusion redone
V2.3.2 5th February 2020
v2.3.2 5th February 2020
- xurl package added
V2.3.1 28th December 2019
v2.3.1 28th December 2019
- removed text on Overleaf and TeXLive 2017 in styleguide as Overleaf has switched to TeXLive 2018
- removed package inputenc as LaTeX now uses UTF-8 as default encoding
V2.3 27th December 2019
v2.3 27th December 2019
- logos of TUB and dbta have now the same height on the cover page of styleguide and in thesis mode
V2.2.2 12th December 2019
v2.2.2 12th December 2019
- example/appendix for including large figures added, which shall be included as DIN A3
V2.2.1 11th December 2019
v2.2.1 11th December 2019
- change from datetime package to datetime2
- file names of two figures corrected to resolve issue with Linux systems
V2.1.1 22th August 2019
v2.1.1 22th August 2019
- sections in publications are named based on current language
V2.1.0 12th August 2019
v2.1.0 12th August 2019
- folder 02a_DissertationFiles removed, files integrated into 02_Prematter
- files in 02_Prematter renamed accordingly
- only one cover file (a_Cover.tex) with integrated distinction of cases for styleguide cover, dissertation cover, and thesis cover
- some small adjustments in the text
V2.0.4 12th August 2019
v2.0.4 12th August 2019
- hotfix: missing \cleardoublepage after \printnomenclature re-added
V2.0.3 9th August 2019
v2.0.3 9th August 2019
- option dashed for biblatex deactivated; before, if the same author(s) had several publications, the authors were replaced by a dash in the list of references starting at the second publication
- format of volume and issue for an article redone
V2.0.2 9th August 2019
v2.0.2 9th August 2019
- Explanations for externalization of TikZ images added
V2.0.1 26th July 2019
v2.0.1 26th July 2019
- Task.pdf is only included if isDiss=false
- version is printed on the cover of the Styleguide
V2.0 1st July 2019
v2.0 1st July 2019
- updates for page numbering in the Word template
- updates in package dependencies and the appendix in general
- updated auto-completion list for Texmaker
- thesis task can now be easily integrated as scanned PDF
V1.9 13th May 2019
v1.9 13th May 2019
- classical pagination
- small roman numbers in the front matter
- arabic numbers throughout the rest
V1.8 6th May 2019
v1.8 6th May 2019
- clarification of what is meant by literature review in the introduction
- TeXLive 2019 support added
V1.7: 24th March 2019
v1.7: 24th March 2019
- the commit message in the master should now contain the right version number. Before this version, changelog and commit message may not indicate the same version
- the mhchem package was replaced by the chemmacros/chemformula package
- the table template was corrected by using lining numbers instead of text figures
V1.6: 18th March 2019
v1.6: 18th March 2019
- the Index now contains commands, which are mentioned in the style guide
- heater_footer.tex is removed, the commands were added to b_Commands.tex
- acro changed from list to table, column width can be set based on the longest abbreviation
- Thesis and dissertation examples removed
- Index and format changed
- seriffree font for list of symbols
V1.5: 14th March 2019
v1.5: 14th March 2019
- auto-complete commands added
- wrapfig package added
- page_precedence in indexstyle changed
- support for older TeXLive versions depracated
V1.4: 12th March 2019
v1.4: 12th March 2019
- switch to the nomencl package for the nomenclature
- information on vector graphics tools added
V1.3: 25th February 2019
v1.3: 25th February 2019
- appendixprefix set to true
- todonotes package added
- morewrites package added
V1.2: 20th January 2019
v1.2: 20th January 2019
- more than 26 pages in the appendix are now possible
- Gitlab webpage linked for issue reporting
- Jabref introduction added
......@@ -88,5 +90,5 @@ V1.2: 20th January 2019
- cover changes
- only one styleguide
- improved support for the bi-langual feature
V1.1: 8th January 2019
v1.1: 8th January 2019
- Overleaf support
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